Monthly Archives: May 2012


My boy turned eight on Monday.  We celebrated the day with biscuits and gravy for breakfast, a trip to the batting cages, hot dogs for lunch, grilled steaks for dinner, and a family movie.  Telling the story of his birth is really about recounting my triumphs; twelve days past the “due date” and no pain medication of any kind.  He was nearly a pound and a half bigger than the girls when he was born and his square and sturdy back testified to the strong boy he’d become.  He can recall nearly every thing he hears and his laugh is always heartfelt and full of joy.  I’m so glad he is a part of our family!

Yarn Along: A Day Late…

I’m a day late in joining Ginny’s Yarn Along this week, but I wanted to post pictures of Wigeon in her finished Milo.  I used gifted yarn and larger needles than the pattern called for, so I didn’t follow the pattern precisely, but I’m glad it will still fit her next fall and winter.




Wigeon’s cute little pink soaker is from Sloomb.

(I absolutely love cloth diapers and wool covers!) 

I have some fun yarn waiting for just the right projects.  Decisions, Decisions…

My son and I are reading Poppy by Avi together. I’m also starting the parade of books for next homeschool year.

Are you working on something?  What are you reading?

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