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Three Generations of Knitting

Teal, my darling fifth grader, has become quite the knitter.  She learned to purl just this year, yet her stockinette is beautiful!  Off her needles recently is the Quick and Easy Owl.  For the longest while she complained that she did not like knitting.  It’s so fun to see her enjoying it as her skills advance.


Granny has also been showering Wigeon with some darling new knitted sets!  The Cool Wool hat, cowl and mittens really couldn’t be any cooler.  They are darling and so soft in a chunky alpaca blend.  She also knitted the sweetest “Classic Cable” and hat from Top Down for Toddlers.  Wigeon insists on wearing sweater and hat as a set all day long!




I have just begun the Turn A Square hat for Mr. Mallard.  I’m knitting it with Cascade 220 and self-striping Noro Silk Garden.  I was happy to have my color changes look better than in Pintail’s London Beanie with the “jogless jog” the Turn A Square recommends.


What’s on your needles?  Thanks for taking the time to visit today!

Mrs. Mallard

Joining with Frontier Dreams KCCO and Ginny’s Yarn Along

Monday Musings




It snowed another ten or so inches yesterday and I had to abandon my minivan in the church parking lot.  I’m glad Mr. Mallard’s car is four wheel drive because he was able to get the ducklings and me home safely.   The mini is now home as well.  We picked it up this afternoon, after a bit of bother getting it out of the parking lot (insert: switching quickly between drive and reverse to rock it out of it’s stuck position.) I am left asking myself some tough questions.  Questions like, “Why in the world would someone who lives on a hill, in a place where it snows frequently and deeply, get a minivan?!”  Mr. Mallard is asking similar questions.

Teal and Pintail both hit the slopes this weekend.  Pintail had a knee injury and had to stay away from sports for six weeks!  I’m so glad he is back in action.  It’s hard for children to “take it easy.”

We began new blocks of study this morning.  Teal is on to Greek Mythology and History, and Pintail is beginning another block of  form drawing and fables.  It was a busy school day trying to finish up a few things from our previous block and get started on the new material.  Pintail’s last block was on The King of Ireland’s Son and I plan to do a book review in the near future.

I hope you had a lovely Monday.

Mrs. Mallard