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The First Few Days of Spring



We cleaned out our little garden beds yesterday.  I was going to move them to a sunnier spot, but decided to leave them where they are and add MORE containers for the vegetables that need more sun!  The ducklings helped plan our plot layouts, talking about which veggies did well in their spots from last year and which ones we needed to move around.  We are trying a few new things this year; chard, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, another heirloom tomato variety, potatoes and several herbs.  After checking the planting instructions on some of our seeds, we decided to throw a few things in the ground yesterday!  There were several things that said we could plant them as soon as the ground was workable – peas, spinach, lettuces, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.  I also threw in seeds for broccoli and cabbage, though they might not survive because our hard frost warning goes until late April.  I figured it was no big deal.  I planted from seed in April last year with pretty good results.  This is just a hobby garden after all!


Teal and Pintail have always had a little entrepreneurial streak and their latest idea was to sell peg dolls at our homeschool gathering.  I think they did a really good job on their little dolls and I was very grateful to the moms who bought some for their children at the gathering.  It made Teal and Pintail very, very happy!





Teal is in a short botany block right now.  The weather has been cooperating nicely, but all over the internet I have seen that many of you are enjoying gorgeous daffodils in bloom. Ours are just barely starting to emerge!  It has been really great timing, but I’m surprised by how barren our landscape is right now compared to other climates.  We talked about tulips two days ago, and out of the blue one of my neighbors gave me a lovely tulip plant.  It was perfect timing and I’m thankful to her for her thoughtfulness.


Teal and Pintail participated in a piano festival a few Saturdays ago.  It is part of the Federation of Music Clubs.  They had to memorize two pieces and perform them before judges.  Both Teal and Pintail received Superior marks, the highest you can get!  I was very proud of their hard work.

I am looking forward to our upcoming Spring Break.  Will you be enjoying any time off next week?

Mrs. Mallard

There is Always a Day

There is always a day in spring, when the ground begins to thaw and the sunlight lingers in the valley, that I realize I have been asleep.  I look around at what I’m doing and how I’m doing it and feel discouraged.  Our lessons have become a little stale, too bare-bones.  My internal rhythms feel skewed and I still haven’t added in a regular exercise time (or shower time for that matter!)  The kids and I have let courtesy drop and we are snip, snap, short with each other.  I feel like the ideal me is so far away from the real me.

Someone on a facebook group I belong to linked to this beautiful video of my mother’s favorite song Sheep May Safely Graze by J.S. Bach.  It made me feel so at peace, I wanted to share it with you.


Mrs. Mallard