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Pintail turned ten during this last week of school. He requested biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Jimmy John’s subs for lunch and Tuna Corn Chowder for dinner. His birthday gift was a long board and he spent every minute possible riding it. He chose to attend baseball practice rather than take the night off, even after cutting his leg open at the park in a near-stitch episode. (He probably needed the stitches…) He was happy and grateful all day long. He is such a wonderful boy!




Wigeon turned three on Friday! We had pancakes for breakfast, her favorite, and went to the children’s museum just for her. In the evening, all four grandparents came over for cake and ice-cream. She was absolutely darling as she opened her presents, so grateful and delighted with big intakes of breath, “thank you’s” and hugs. The best presents were from her siblings of course; a knitted blanket and homemade puzzles from Teal and a handmade book about a princess from Pintail. I put one more flower on her birthday crown. Her arms and legs are so long, she is truly my little girl now.