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It’s About Time

I did it. I quit Facebook. I downloaded my Facebook history for posterity’s sake and I pushed the deactivate account button. I did it because I realized very clearly that I was wasting my time. I was compelled to scroll through my news feed every free second I had (first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and most free seconds of the day!) and by doing so I was shortchanging myself; giving up on little bits of time to interact with my children, to do housework, to knit, to read, to sit in silence. I also felt myself slipping farther and farther away from being engaged in meaningful work for my children to imitate.

I may sound overdramatic to you, but it was very clear personal inspiration to me: It’s about time. Every individual has 24 hours in a day, and it is better to use those hours purposefully.


Time flies on wings of lightning;

We cannot call it back.

It comes, then passes forward

Along its onward track.

And if we are not mindful,

The chance will fade away,

For life is quick in passing.

‘Tis as a single day.

From “Improve the Shining Moments by Robert B. Baird


Wonderful Things

I sat down intending to write a summary of Pintail’s fiber block, but there is just something calling me to record some of the wonderful things that have been going on in our lives lately.

IMG_4602 IMG_4601 IMG_4599

First, Teal learned how to tie a quilt. Tying a quilt is wonderful, but even more wonderful is having a sisterhood in our church community that allows and encourages the young women to learn handwork skills and homemaking skills from the older women.

IMG_4711 IMG_4716 IMG_4714 IMG_4720 IMG_4752

Second, I have absolutely loved Pintail’s Waldorf third grade. It fits him so well and is so enjoyable for me! Every block has been terrific and the hands on nature and practicality of it all fits his development so well. We spent a lovely morning at the local botanical garden just a few days ago and it was wonderful! We have also got our garden in and Pintail is in charge of its care taking.

IMG_4687 IMG_4629

Third, I have been feeling more successful and on-top of all things pertaining to housework. It’s still a constant struggle to home school, feed everyone healthy meals and snacks, and keep the house tidy, but I have been approaching my tasks with more focus and love and trying to manage the older kids’ duties while including Wigeon in everything I can. I got some great ideas about managing a home from the book Large Family Logistics that I saw mentioned on the Little Home Blessings blog. The book is very Christian in nature and I like how the author starts out by examining the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. Who wouldn’t want to be that woman?! Some phrases in the book have stuck with me as I try to manage everything. “Inspect what you expect.” “Don’t lay it down, put it away.”

What wonderful things have you been experiencing lately?