Hitting Reset

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The little Waldorf coop we belong to was scheduled to go to a local Aviary this morning. It would have been fun and we love seeing our friends, but we needed a day out. Really out. In the mountains. We hadn’t seen the golden aspens nestled into the dark pines yet this year, and snow will soon fill up the canyons.

It was also a way for me to hit the reset button. I don’t know if you read Carrie’s post on The Parenting Passageway entitled How Old Are You? I have been feeling the way she described lately – although I love the home school lifestyle, I have been craving more time to myself. It may be the fact that the first block of seventh grade felt very uninspiring. Teal told me that ‘Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc’ by Mark Twain was the worst book I’ve ever made her read! Add to that the fact that I never got past the third chapter myself, and you see, it was just a recipe for disaster. I have also been feeling emotionally drained by activities I’m committed to, the responsibilities of a homemaker, and keeping up with plans my husband has. It feels like a big load to balance sometimes.

Even though we take a walk around our neighborhood every day, sometimes I’m desperate to get into nature; to drink the pine-scented air, to watch the squirrel wrangle a mushroom into the brush, to listen to the chatter of small mountain birds, to simply be with my children.

I found what I needed out there today. I will try not to wait so long next time.

How do you hit reset?

Yarn Along & Stuck in the Mud

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I am almost ready to bind off the top and add the thumb to my first Moira Mitt! Teal has asked for them, but I was really knitting them for myself! They may become a shared item, even though I’m sure they would look cuter on her.

As a recommendation from my husband’s sister-in-law, I just finished reading Edenbrooke and Blackmoore, both by Julianne Donaldson (who happens to be a local author.) I have never been a romance reader, but these sweet little romances were enjoyable and so quick to read. I haven’t stayed up late reading for years, but I finished Blackmoore at 1am, knowing I would regret it when I had to get up this morning.

Did you notice the lovely gourd in the first photo? Our homeschool coop met at a pumpkin farm this morning, and not only was I feeling rushed (because I stayed up too late reading, maybe?) but I drove my rental car (the minivan is in the shop because someone rear-ended me) right into a gushy, smooshy pile of mud and couldn’t get it out! We missed the hay ride with our friends while I used a child’s toy shovel that was missing half of the blade (what farm doesn’t have a REAL shovel?!) to dig my tires out. The farmer was kind enough to come push me out of the mud when the hay ride was over, so I was very grateful for that.

Joining Ginny today.