Sixth Grade Physics

IMG_4561 IMG_4562 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4570IMG_5595 IMG_5597 IMG_5598 IMG_5601 IMG_5603 IMG_5604The sixth grade physics block was amazing! The only resource I used was Trostli’s Physics is Fun!, which I can’t recommend highly enough. The lessons were well explained and there was plenty to do. My only complaint, if I can call it that, was that it was hard to choose which experiments to leave out! We did not do the beautiful Chladni plates experiment, but aside from the Chladni plates, I found that most items for the lessons were things I had on hand or could substitute fairly easily. Teal recorded experiments and information in a small main lesson book.

We only made it through the chapters on Sound, Light, and Heat. I was prepared with all of the items for Magnetism, but we ran out of time. I plan to finish that and Electricity as part of seventh grade physics.

I managed to shatter a glass aquarium during one of the light lessons. Thank goodness we were outside working and not in the kitchen. I would have been finding glass shards for weeks!

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It’s About Time

I did it. I quit Facebook. I downloaded my Facebook history for posterity’s sake and I pushed the deactivate account button. I did it because I realized very clearly that I was wasting my time. I was compelled to scroll through my news feed every free second I had (first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and most free seconds of the day!) and by doing so I was shortchanging myself; giving up on little bits of time to interact with my children, to do housework, to knit, to read, to sit in silence. I also felt myself slipping farther and farther away from being engaged in meaningful work for my children to imitate.

I may sound overdramatic to you, but it was very clear personal inspiration to me: It’s about time. Every individual has 24 hours in a day, and it is better to use those hours purposefully.


Time flies on wings of lightning;

We cannot call it back.

It comes, then passes forward

Along its onward track.

And if we are not mindful,

The chance will fade away,

For life is quick in passing.

‘Tis as a single day.

From “Improve the Shining Moments by Robert B. Baird